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Motivation & Goals


During the time Sylvia C. Trächslin do counseling with teenagers and adults she repeatedly noticed that people coming in for counseling have had experienced abuse and violence during their childhood and teenage years, as well as they were often victims of violence and abuse as adults. Their consciousness of having experienced injustice through others is mostly unclear and that it is not their guilt to what happened to them is not their fault, but responsibility lies only within the agitators who abused and acted violently against them.

Sylvia C. Trächslin and today Hol dir Hilfe! convinced that if children and teenagers who are afflicted by abuse and violence know how and where to get help in an early stage they receive better chances to work up their experiences. They learn with help from counselors and people whom they trust the importance of "saying no" and can be protected easier of further abuse for example learn how to protect themselves better. This will in the long run also have impact on the diminishing spiral of violence that has taken place over generations.

Hol dir Hilfe! support the Convention of the Rights of the Child as following: the infosite www.holdirhilfe.ch.and free counseling offers for teenagers to help them to improve their life situation. In research, realization and translation of www.holdirhilfe.ch is initiated privately and is an honorary service.


www.holdirhilfe.ch translated into different languages informs children and teenager about following subjects:

The ten basic rights of the child according to the UNO Convention of the Rights of the Child

Abuse, violence and its effects

That it's important to get help and how we can help others who have been affected by violence

Addresses and links for help offers for children and young peoble

Links & Events

Background Informations to holdirhilfe.ch

Sylvia C. Trächslin dedicate this website to her brother, Rolf Trächslin (artistic name Ralph Jones) www.inmemoryofralphjones.ch, who was the initiator of the project Wake Up The Children Of Today Are Our Leaders Of Tomorrow (2005/2006) and Sylvia C. Trächslin was the creator of the concept for the from Rolf Trächslin wished information campaign, concerning abuse and violence against children and youths.
Because of discrepancies concerning the style how to speak about the delicate topic, in 2007 Sylvia C. Trächslin put down her responsibilities for various projects functions. She designed the website holdirhilfe.ch, resting upon her initial concept for the website ourchildren-info.net of the project Wake Up The Children of Today Are our Leaders of Tomorrow. holdirhilfe.ch went online at the end of November 2007 and was translated in 9 languages