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Abuse and violence

Of child abuse is spoken of, if your rights and dignity are being threatened. This is the case if you are experiencing following forms of violence/abuse:

You are refused to your natural needs such as food, health care, clothing, a home.
You are being outcasted because of your origin, culture or health.
You experience only little or no warmth, surveillance, and protection.
Your personal, spiritual, emotional and social development is being neglected or handicapped.
You are not given enough space and free time for recreation, leisure and possibilities to contact others.
Your behavior is being controlled with money.
Your parents are using you as an instrument of financial pressure in case of separation/divorce.
You are being forced to participate in violent/ militant or criminal acts.
You are being offered for sexual activities to others.
You are being sent to beg or to fulfill children's work.

You experience physical violence

If you are held back in a rude way, violently, beaten, strangled, pinched, burned, slapped, kicked, pushed, pulled hair or if you are threatened with a weapon or objects, then it is physical violence.

You experience emotional abuse

Your belongings are being destroyed, violence against your friends, the other parent or pet.
You are being waylaid, stalked, or pressure and force is put on you.
You are being treated as a servant, bossyied or permanently interrupted while speaking.
You are being insulted, black mailed, humiliated, depreciated, yelled at, not spoken to or declared insane.
You are being treated as a possession, controlled permanently what ever you do or who you speak to. You are forbidden contact with friends and relatives.
Looks, actions, gestures and objects or weapons are threatening you.
You are being rejected, not noticed or a certain role is expected from you.
You experience that aggressors deny abusive acts on you, play down their acts or they imply guilt on you.
Threats are outspoken, such as "you will not enter heaven, but hell. God will punish you. You will never be somebody. I should never have procreated you in eligible given birth to you. I will beat you up, lock you/others up. I will give you away to a fosters home, a clinic. I will leave you. I will kill myself."
It is being tried to retrieve information on or about the other parent, or you have to negotiate between your parents or you have to take over a part of your parent's role.

You experience sexual abuse (sexual infringement, sexual violence, sexual exploitation)

Sexual speeches, making a move on you, looks (at school, family, chat rooms, streetcars, busses, discos, clubs etc.)
You feel observed in the bathroom, shower or locker room.
You are receiving calls where someone is moaning or indecent words are being outspoken or you are covered with.
You receive mail with pornographic contents. Older teenagers or adults are asking you to undress and or take nude pictures of you, promising you presents or trying to convince you and telling you that everybody does that.
Older teenagers or adults are undressing themselves posing nude in front of you or acting sexually in front of you, show you pornographic movies or pictures, rub their body on yours getting aroused and ask you to touch them sexually or letting them touch you sexually. They ask you to satisfy them sexually with your mouth or that you have sexual intercourse with them.

Aggressors exist in all cultures and societies. Often they are to be found in your environment of your family, leisure, friends, sport, and school as well as religious, medical or social active environment. In the beginning victims often percept their contact with an aggressor as empathizing, supporting and helpful. Only after some time the victim percepts the contact as more and more powerful and humiliating. Victims can be forced to keep quiet by their aggressors. Child abuse can have a short time impact, but unfortunately most likely live long impacts on victims.
Are you a victim of child abuse or violence? Know that you have
basic rights according to the Convention of the Rights of the Child and you have the right to get help.
Have you experienced that someone you know, a child or a teenager is a victim of abuse or violence?
You too have the right to get help!top